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Image D'Amour | D'Amour Lake | Location | Maps | Lots  | Information | Gallery | Contact Us June 25, 2017
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D'Amour Lake

D’Amour Lake is a hidden gem, which covers approximately 200 acres with an irregular configuration that creates two distinct bodies joined by a navigable channel.  The south shorelines and channel lap onto the Image D'Amour subdivision.. 

The lake is spring fed supplemented by two creeks from the regional watershed catchment area.  Water quality and depth accommodate a Saskatchewan Environment Resources Management program of stocking pickerel fingerlings every two years.  It supports game fish species of northern pike, pickerel and perch. A public boat launch is located on the southeast side of the lake, adjacent to the subdivision.

The parcels of land above noted provide approximately ¾ of a mile of lake front access.  The land has topography with elevation changes of up to 15 metres and accordingly is very conducive to the intended use.  These features provide a variety of vistas to the water bodies and surrounding forested hills.  This elevation exposes breathtaking sunsets and sunrises throughout the seasons.

There are stands of poplar trees along the south side at various stages of growth to maturity.  Natural vegetation consisting of reeds, shrubs, grass and a variety of trees protect the shoreline. 

In addition, there are three significant water catchment areas on site, again surrounded by natural vegetation which provide a further variety of scenic vistas reinforcing the rural atmosphere.